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If you’re looking to install new flooring in your home, you may want to learn about manufactured snap-in flooring.


Snap-in flooring is a great option for those with limited time, who don’t want to spend hours or big budgets on installation, and for those living in apartments and condos that are not prepped for traditional hardwood floors.


Snap-in floors are something you can do on your own and don’t require such professional expertise like hardwood floor installation. There’s also substantial cost benefits as flooring can be less than $1 per sq ft installed and save a lot of time (requiring only a few hours for installation) and it has the same general appearance as real hardwood floors.


That being said, snap-in flooring is hard to match the true quality of real hardwood, especially as there can be uneven and floating areas where the floor isn’t fully attached to the base materials. Also, it can still be a lot of work if you’re not ready to bend down and spend the day figuring out a floor install!

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