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When considering getting a new floor for your home there’s a few different options for materials and styles. One very popular option is laminate flooring . Laminate floors are made up of several layers of wood and a top layer that is a wear-resistant plastic.


This type of flooring has become very popular lately with consumers preferring laminate over carpet or hardwood because it’s easy to clean, much easier on the budget, and doesn’t require any maintenance in the long run. If you’re looking for someone to install this flooring for you or help design your new floor then Raven Flooring can help.

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What Should You Consider When Selecting Laminate Flooring?

When choosing a laminate floor you’ll want to first consider your budget. Laminate floors are able to be installed as affordable options but you will quickly find prices vary greatly depending on the size of the floor, style, and options. Most laminate floors will cost you just under $10 per square foot . In some cases you can even find it for under $7 per square foot but for most homes it’ll be around $9 or so.


If you’re shopping for a more high-end home that may have more than one story, and may need a lot of wood in your floor then higher end laminate can cost in the thousands.


How To Get Started With New Laminate Floors

Consumers are always raving about how easy it is to install laminate flooring. It can be a do-it-yourself project if you have the time and the experience, but if you aren’t able or don’t feel like taking on this project then it’s best to hire a professional for your installation needs. We at Raven Flooring are happy to help you with your project give us a call today for a free estimate.

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