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Looking for a reliable wood floor installation contractor? At Raven Flooring, we are committed to providing high quality installation and finishing services for any type of flooring, including hardwood installation. We also offer a variety of other flooring services such as hardwood floor staining and other types of flooring such as laminate installations.


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Our professional installation and finishing services includes hardwood floor installation, laminate installation, hardwood floor staining, and other carpeting services. We work with our customers to select the appropriate type of floor for their needs. All installations are made by qualified contractors. We guarantee all our workmanship in order to provide you the best service at a competitive price.


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What Are All The Major Wood Floor Finishing Options?


Finishing Options: Wood floors can be finished with many different finishes for the flooring itself and the stairs and railings. The most common finish types are oiled, varnished or stained. All require a high-quality finish and a professional coat of finish on the floor to ensure that they last for years without damage.

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Here are some different types of finish:

-Oil: is the most common finishing process for hardwood flooring. Oil finishes give your flooring a natural look and feel, which will help to maintain its beauty.


-Clear Coat: is a clear finish that can be applied to almost any surface, including wood floors. This helps to give the flooring an even more attractive appearance. It also helps prevent stains and spills from ruining the wood.


-Nail Down : When you choose a contractor for your new wood floors, you should look for one that provides an expert in installing nail down engineered wood floors or hardwood floors that are installed with nails through the middle of a layer of plywood boards.


– Varnished: A varnished wood finish is a professional service that ensures a floor’s beauty. All of our laminate wood floors are finished with this finish for an attractive result.

What Is The Difference Between Engineered Wood Floors And Regular Wood Floors?

Engineered Wood Flooring: Engineered wood flooring is made in the same type of way as a solid hardwood floor, but it is designed to be installed with nails through the middle of layers of plywood boards that are glued together so that there are no gaps between these layers while they’re being assembled. This process allows for more consistent and accurate thickness throughout your floor, which means that the finish doesn’t look lumpy or flaky.


Why Choose Our Wood Floor Installation Services?


Having an experienced install team can be very important, but so is having a reliable contractor to oversee all these steps. Raven Flooring offers installation services from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can be confident that your flooring was installed by professionals and that it was installed to the highest standards.